I invite you to acquire valuable education from Shreyantra College and be a member of our college family. That will grow every moment towards togetherness, brighter side and towards affluence. 

PrincipalDamak Technical Education Foundation(Shreyantra College)

Principal's Message

Damak Technical Education Foundation (DTEF) – a leading educational conglomerate with Shreeyantra College boasts to state that we are among a few providers of four-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology (B Sc. CSIT) affiliated to the best known University (TU) of the country. As education is the focal centre of an affluent society, we take steps towards developing students’ personalities that will place them in a leading role. 

Apart from the mandatory curriculum of the University, students participate in extra-curricular activities competitions such as cultural programmes, games and sports, quiz, public speaking etc. Class-room education is substantiated by educational tours exposing students of the real world situations. As DTEF understands the country’s immediate need of a very large number of Technical Manpower at different levels, we have been running engineering courses at Sub Overseer Level of Civil, Electrical, Computer Engineering and in Lab Assistant in medical field, affiliated to CTEVT- renowned national and international levels. 

We provide short term and vocational training at Level I and II  also certified by CTEVT.


We have plans to start two more courses in the Bachelor’s Level in affiliation with TU and 3 years Diploma Courses affiliated to CTEVT most probably in the immediate next academic year.

Finally, I invite you to possess this valuable education from us and be the member of this family that will grow every moment towards togetherness, brighter side and towards affluence.   

Er. Shyam Kumar Bista Cheetri

  • Principal, Shreyantra College
  • Member, Nepal Engineers Council (Civil)
We care and nurture your future

Damak Technical's Core Values

Quality Education

Study locally and Compete globally

Damak Technical Education Foundation is committed to provide practical education taking care of students’ future career not only to fit them in job but also to be a job provider. 

Overall Development

Academics + Professional

Damak Technical Education Foundation care about students’ overall growth along with academic progress. We have different extra curricular activities programs for our students.

Lab & Project Works

Hands on learning

With our well equipped lab for different academic programs, we focus on practical based education. We, here at Shreeyantra College, believes in “Learning by Doing”.

Support & Guidance

Join, learn, Grow and Lead

We are here to transform caterpillars to butterfly. We support and monitor our students  from the day they join DTEF. Support and guidance to our students is our core value.