Mr. Bishal Shrestha
Damak, Jhapa

Concerned Subjects:

  1. Planning and coordination of a program and its activities.
  2. Schedule and organize class routine/ meetings/events and maintain agenda
  3. Course offerings during the start of semesters.
  4. Adjunct faculty within the discipline.
  5. Coordinates ongoing review of curriculum and program requirements.
  6. Ensuring implementation of policies and practices
  7. Coordinates marketing of program as needed.
  8. Help build positive relations within the team and external parties.

Mr. Bishal Shrestha

Senior Lecturer , B.Sc.CSIT/ BIM/ TSLC Computer

Qualifications: M.Sc.CSIT



Bishal Shrestha is a Program Coordinator at DTEF & Shreeyantra College, where he Coordinate with college management teams, teaching faculties and students, including scheduling and organizing classes, marketing of program , help to build a positive relation within the management and faculties. 

Bishal has worked with reputable educational  institution, including Himalayan College of Engineering, College of Applied Business(CAB), Samajik college and Nagarjuna College of IT. With his experience in the academic field he can manage the faculties and handle the students very well.

Bishal enjoys playing Cricket and reading books. He leaves in Gauradaha, Jhapa.